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Tony has a strikingly natural quality. He is incredibly confident without being arrogant; he is a master of the material in which he specialises; he practices what he preaches and demonstrates his ability during his actual presentation. He's one of those speakers who makes practical ideas easy to grasp and delivers everything with memorable and engaging stories. If you’re looking for a sales speaker that shares ideas that can be implemented immediately, will have the audience in stitches and will inspire everyone to sell more, then Tony Morris is the speaker for you.

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TMI Sales University is an eLearning platform that has been designed to accommodate all learning styles. Whether you prefer to listen to podcasts, watch videos, read articles, read books, watch webinars; we have every base covered.
We have broken down every single element of the sales journey and produced video content on every single area. It has been split into modules and there is a multiple-choice test after each module with a 75% pass rate.

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